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Whoopi and Obama

Posted by Thomas Fraser on February 11, 2009 at 5:18 AM

I wrestled with myself

should I even write this blog

"Yes" a little voice in my head replied... okay then

So I have posted a video of Whoopi Goldberg on Hannity's show below... watch it first before you continue if you want to understand the full story

I have to say, I really dislike Hannity... he brings up William Ayers and Reverend Wright like they are still relevant

A couple of things...

Number One, Obama is not Ayers or Wright so guilty by association obviously didn't work

Second (drum roll).... people lie, especially Presidents

No one makes it anywhere with the whole truth because EVERYONE judges you based on your mistakes... PERIOD

The only reason we hide things is because of the consequences

So lets say that Barack Obama did hear everything that Rev Wright said about America in his church.  Even admitting that he was there would tarnish the guys record.  Hell, talking about it too much would tarnish his record.  Why? Because to lead the free world at this point in history, you can do no recent wrong. (hence why smoking a joint when he was young was accepted)... So whats the strategy TO WIN?

I personally don't give fuck.  He is not the first President to lie and Hannity pisses me off because he acts way too high and mighty about the situation.  We get lied to all of the time by our governent and information is hidden all of the time.  And sometimes for our protection.  WE ARE HUMAN... WE ARE FLAWED... WE'D RATHER THINGS RUN SMOOTHLY AND WE SWEEP THE DIRT UNDER THE RUG. Why?  CAUSE WHETHER YOU APOLOGIZE OR NOT PEOPLE SEE YOU AS FLAWED. And far be it for humans to be humans, right?

In this case...

Rev Wright said Godamn America because it has deep rooted flaws... just like you can love your brother but understand that he is a crack head.  Rev Wright loves what America stands for but hates what America actually physically does sometimes.

This idea that people or America has to be good or bad is ridiculous.  We all have good and bad in us but the good should outway the bad.  Thats your only obligation.  Strive for excellence but know that you will come up short sometimes.

Its politics for gods sake.  I don't believe for a second that Obama will be a dishonest President.  But he will be a President.  And that comes with waaaaaay more pressure and problems and lies than the average bear is willing to handle.

There... I said it.  I dont want to condone lying but in this case its necessary.  Same way I feel about steriod use in the sports industry.  A LOT of people are taking them.  Lets just watch the game.  Though I do understand people who are worried about unfair stats and the Hall Of Fame.  But I still say 'so what.'  If not only for the fact that so many players are doing it and NOT on their own.  The sports industry gives that kind of stuff to you.  How would you survive the brutality otherwise?

Sidebar: I remember telling a friend once that they looked like Whoopi Goldberg (and they do).  This person flipped out on me. "How could you say that?  Whoopi Goldberg is ugly."

I don't think Whoopi Goldberg is ugly.  She's not the most attractive woman alive but she doesn't make me barf looking at her.  She's just an older black lady with a few extra pounds.  Thats my opinion anwyay.

But if my friend thinks that Whoopi is ugly, then to me, she's telling me that she thinks that she is ugly too.  And that bothers me.  But we all have our opinions on what is attractive to us.

I even remember telling someone that my friend was in a relationship with a famous actor... let's call the actor X.  And they said "X couldn't do better than your friend."  I was floored cause the celebrity doesn't look that great either.  And if we judge whether two people should get together based on looks, then a whole bunch of us should be seperating... you get my drift?

I think the more important ugly is inside.  Lets face it, looks fade and/or get "tired of being looked at".  Eventually you have to love your significant other for their day to day actions.

Idk... I had to add that cause it's crossed my mind a lot lately

Comments? Questions? Concerns?

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